College years are full of expectations and hopes, of finding yourself, and of figuring out life. But more often than not, college ends up being just as complex and conflicted as the rest of life. You spend late nights studying, wade through relationships, worry about the future, and every once in a while, take a quiet moment to look inside and find the same questions about life gnawing away at you.

Compass Fellowship Church's college group is a place where you can come as you are, whether you're a spiritual seeker, or a committed Christian. We welcome you (and all of your "tough questions"), and invite you to investigate what the Bible has to say about your life.

Our college ministry groups meet weekly at NYU and Columbia for bible studies, and is characterized by the sharing of personal stories and messages that deal with some of our deepest struggles and questions. Those interested in additional training can inquire about discipleship groups. Small groups meet during the week to study the Bible, to pray, or just to hang out and study together. Our activities -- picnics, bowling, sports, outings to various parts of the City, even trips to New Jersey -- can range in size from the entire college department to a cozy small group. Groups are led by college department staff who not only organize the events, but provide food, counseling, and even study tips!

In the midst of the exciting, hectic and unique time during college, maybe you're looking for a place where you can wonder about life, begin asking your questions, and find a listening ear. Whatever your background, you're welcome to come check us out. We think you'll find what you're looking for -- and much, much more.  Please contact us if you need more information.



Compass Christian Koinonia @ Columbia
Fridays 7:30pm (resuming in the fall)
Contact: Seulgey

Compass Koinonia @ NYU
Fridays 7:00pm (resuming in the fall)

NYU Protestant Worship Service with Compass
Sundays 4pm GCASL (resuming fall)
238 Thompson St
Contact: Ian

For the summer, please join us for joint bible study and fellowship on Friday nights at 7:30pm at MNYBA (236 W72nd St).  Dinner is served.