First Time?

Welcome to our church COMMUNITY.

We invite you to join us for corporate worship on Sundays.  We seek for God to be the center of our gathering as we sing praises, lift up our hearts and needs in prayer, hear from His word through Christ-centered preaching, and respond to Him in commitment.  Stay for food and fellowship.

We recognize that church is not formed through Sunday gatherings alone, but through deep connections that grow stronger through prayer and spending time together.  We believe in deep fellowship through the sharing of life together in the midst of struggles, joys and the mundane.  We welcome you to join us throughout the week to study the Bible and connect with others in similar seasons of life.  Contact one of the ministry group leaders or visit some of the pages on this website for more information.

We believe that Jesus satisfies our deepest need to be in relationship with our Creator.  He called His DISCIPLES to be "fishers of men."  We believe that we are called to spread the good news in New York City as well as our mission fields, loving others as He loved us and making disciples.

Our prayer is that you'll find a HOME in our community.