Core Values

We seek to be a Christ-centered Church, directing all attention, service and worship towards Him alone. God's Word, the Bible, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, will be our sole guide for life and faith. Study and application of its transformational truths will be our pursuit. Constant prayer will be the gauge of our spiritual vitality.

We seek to be an Others-oriented Fellowship, where sharing of lives and growing of relationships are characterized by commitment, mutual trust, accountability and Christian love. Cultivating authentic covenantal relationships is our goal. The family of God, the body of Christ, and the spiritual temple are all scriptural metaphors that teach us how to relate to each other with humility, encouragement and exhortation.



We seek to be Self-giving Individuals, willing to share with others our resources and time, acknowledging that we have so freely received much more from God. Initiative, concern, and stewardship will flow from us to the many who need spiritual, social and physical nourishment. Evangelism and Missions, global and local, express our heart to share the gospel's eternal blessings with people without.


Our church began on June 11, 1995 as the New York branch of Berkland Baptist Church (BBC) with the vision to reach students, young professionals, families and others with the power of the gospel. The church planting team consisted of six couples from California and one brother already attending medical school in NY. Through their efforts, and the prayers and labors of many, we have sought to live out the Greatest Commandments -- to love God and to love one another, and to join in the Great Commission -- to make disciples of all nations.

BBC itself was founded in 1981 near the UC Berkeley campus by Rev. Paul Kim and his wife, Rebekah JDSN (a term signifying minister). Since its inception, BBC has been active in church planting and missions worldwide.  On January 7, 2007, our church in NY took on the new name of Compass Fellowship Church, re-dedicating ourselves to these endeavors.

In the years since, we have started a chapel service at NYU and a missions chapel in Bangkok, Thailand, seeking to minister to people from all walks of life.  It is our desire to encompass the New York City area and beyond with the message of Christ's love and provide direction to those seeking answers to life's most important questions. Whether you are a committed Christian looking for a spiritual family or just interested in learning more about the Christian perspective, we hope you can find a home here at Compass.